Research suggests that around 79% of people aren’t making time for themselves during lunch breaks and that a massive 67% of people are missing lunch breaks altogether. All isn’t lost, because there are 40% of people that want to use this time in their office space better, with around a third saying that they just lack inspiration for ideas on what to do.

If you’re in the same boat and start the afternoon feeling run down and stressed, take a look at these creative lunch break ideas to brighten up your day.

Phone (or video chat) a friend

“We must catch up some time,” we’ve all said to a friend or family member, but it’s hard to find the time.  Why not arrange a time and date in your lunch break, get a packed lunch, and do your catching up as you enjoy your lunch?  You could do this in a communal space, with headphones on at your desk, or if the weather is nice and the wifi is strong, outside for some fresh air.

Get some exercise around your office space

Even if you don’t cycle to work, you could leave a bike on-site to use on lunch or just take a long walk, especially if you have some nice pathways or canal sides nearby. If you’re really lucky there might be other sport ideas such as canoeing or team sports. As well as getting the health benefits, exercise is a good way to way to wake yourself up and improve your mental wellbeing.

Get into gardening within your office space

If you’ve got some outside space available why not make an office garden?  Try planting something new for everyone to look at, even if it’s some basic bulbs or wildflower seeds. Planting to encourage wildlife and bees is a great contribution to the environment as well, and new greenery could help boost your mental health with attractive surroundings.

If there’s nowhere outside to plant, you can still get green-fingered with houseplants, window boxes, hanging baskets, living walls, and indoor herb gardens.  In addition to looking good, they can increase air quality and increase creativity by 15%. Easy plants can be cacti and air plants, or you could get more ambitious.

Catch up on hobbies and interests

Join an online book club to discover new reads or find an interesting podcast. Watch your favourite TV programme without home distractions or plan your weekend activities by checking what’s going on in the area.  These are all constructive ways to spend your lunchtime without mindlessly scrolling.

A shared, serviced office space to spend your lunch break

If you’re looking for an office space to embrace their lunch break in with communal spaces, outside areas, stunning scenery, canal pathways and outside meeting areas, get in touch with Tannery Studios for more information or take the virtual tour.