Offices were traditionally rows of desks, screens, and swivel chairs, with a kettle in the corner and corner of school lunch tables for quick lunches.  Attitudes to work and office layout have slowly changed over the last decade as there was an increased emphasis on staff retention by making the office a more relaxed and collaborative environment. In addition, businesses are now seeing their office as an extension of their brand, with the layout and colours reflecting who they are as a business.

Progressions caused by the pandemic – with a more hybrid approach to working in places – will also make an impact.  If you’re re-evaluating your office space or layout, then here are some ideas on how to create a workspace that works for your business.

The Collaboration Office Layout

If your business is all about sharing ideas and collaborating on projects, setting up your shared office space to reflect that is important to make sure everyone is comfortable in planned or impromptu meetings.

Push together individual desks and create clusters of various-sized group tables.  Makes sure there are no unnecessary walls or dividers and ensure that there is plenty of scope to make seating more flexible when needed.  You could also add in some shared, cleared spaces for coffee break meetings and working lunches, or chose a serviced office space with shared areas that can be used for this purpose.

The Creative Office Space

If you’re a creative business looking for office space, ‘space’ really is the operative word.  Larger desks are often needed to look at designs or share ideas, so longer single desks with room to move around could be essential.

If you’re an artist that needs open space, such as a painter, sculptor, photographer or visual content creator, then a wide-open space with natural light but leaving a light area for both meetings and the dreaded paperwork will work even better.  If you need loads of space on a regular basis but not all the time, finding a serviced office space with onsite photography and/or video studios is a fantastic idea.

The Library Style Office Layout

Shhh, but some businesses still need quiet offices with cubicles where people are able to concentrate 100% on their work.  This could include sectors such as

developers, video or sound editors, copywriters, or even engineers – where accurate calculations are essential.  This might not, however, need quiet all the time.

Separating out some group tables and using rollable dividers to use when people need a ‘do not disturb’ is a good way of establishing this.  Otherwise, setting up booths that people can use when needed without being interrupted.  You might even have quiet time zones, where people need to respect that others need some background calm.

The Hybrid Office Space

If this is the case, a mix of the above in a light area with plenty of room to move around and adapt is frequently the best approach. Flexible office rental contracts for serviced office spaces will help your business remain in a situation where layouts can always be changed and added to.

Office layout options – serviced office space in Surrey

If you’re looking for a new office layout within serviced offices in Surrey, take the virtual tour of our modern, urban feel office spaces based on the outskirts of Woking surrounded by canalside views and National Trust parks.  Flexible contracts and no hidden costs, with onsite video and sound studios as well as communal spaces ideal for collaboration. Get in touch today.