The build-up to Christmas is different for everyone, but for anyone working in marketing, it can be all about what the big corporations are doing for their Christmas marketing. Whether their Christmas video marketing strategy is about selling, or just spreading their message in a festive and memorable way, it’s important to get right.  Spending naturally goes up during the festive period, with people spending an average of 29% more than in a typical month.  Businesses need to capitalise on this where they need to as well as promote their brand.

Marketing through a global pandemic has added even more challenges with social distancing and availability of film studio rental, but for 2021 we’re hoping for a brighter Christmas, and here are some of the best Christmas adverts this year.

John Lewis

Let’s face it, this is the one everyone waits for, and they’ve got a high standard to maintain following animals bouncing on a trampoline.  This year was all about a young boy teaching a surprisingly human-looking alien all about mince pies and classic movies.  It’s heartwarming, it has all the Christmas elements, it has a remixed 80’s classic as the soundtrack, and there’s a spaceship.  What’s not to like about that video marketing strategy.


Well known for their animation of fruit and veg, ALDI has bought back some old carrot-shaped favourites while introducing Ebanana Scrooge in a remake of the classic ‘A Christmas Carol.’  Their Christmas video marketing strategy is strongly aimed at the goodwill side of things, with the advert in partnership with kid’s charity Barnado’s, with a cameo from the champion of fighting childhood hunger – Marcus Rashford (or Marcus Radishford as he likes to be known now).


The giants of e-commerce next day delivery, Amazon tackled the pandemic head-on.  The story of a young woman suffering from anxiety following the pandemic, and how a friendly neighbor used the convenience of Amazon to reach out and help.  This was a good opportunity for Amazon to show some positive social aspects of what they offer, and resonated with those still struggling to come to terms with what everyone’s been going through.

Marks and Spencers

Marks and Spencers’ video marketing strategy focused on their famous Percy the Pig sweets, bringing Percy to life for the first time (and wisely avoiding caterpillars) and bringing in Dawn French as the fairy on the Christmas tree.

Video marketing strategy – start planning for 2022

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