There are over 5.5 million businesses in the UK, and whilst there are some based in labs and warehouses, many are office-based.  In the past offices have had an image of being dull, with rows of beige cubicles broken up by a dark kitchen area of instant coffee and stale biscuits.  Forward-thinking businesses are moving beyond that to build a creative office space for their employees to enjoy, to get the best level of productivity, and create a positive workforce. But what is a positive office space?

Creative use of space in offices

A creative office space requires a mobile approach to how you use your space.  Businesses where there is both a collaborative approach need an environment where they can work both individually where needed but meet together where needed.  The traditional office had dead space in the way of meeting rooms used only once a week or less.  More creative office spaces now have an agile approach and work in buildings where meeting rooms are areas to be booked as and when needed to enable more space to enjoy for everyday purposes the rest of the time.

This approach is also essential following the shift to more flexible or hybrid working since the pandemic enables a workforce to see the potential of mixing both home and office-based working practices.  Over 40% of businesses have said they will have adopted hybrid working in two years’ timemeaning that permanent desks might be a thing of the past, and shared space, desk booking, or hotdesking could be the norm.

Practical storage solutions for items such as chargers, headphones, and even personal items such as favourite mugs, will need to be rolled out to ensure efficiency, and offices need to be equally appealing as a location to look forward to going, and not somewhere to drag yourself to.

Sustainability attracts creativity

For the past few years, the climate crisis has become seriously prominent in the news with businesses working to demonstrate how they’re tackling and reducing their carbon footprint.

Offices can be a reflection of your commitment to creating a better future for the planet in order to attract the best employees.  Choosing an office built on repurposed land instead of destroying green areas is just one aspect.  Finding office spaces that make use of renewable energy such as solar power and reuse natural resources such as rainwater harvesting, alongside encouraging company-wide monitoring of environmental impact encourages creative thinking in safeguarding the future of the environment.

Encouraging wellbeing in office environments

Lots of aspects of office design can work together to encourage workplace wellbeing and generate a positive and creative office space. In a creative space, there is more access to natural light through more open spaces, and access to green areas such as gardens and parks.  Creative offices encourage social spaces to create more of a collaborative vibe to make employees feel like part of a team where they are supported in getting their work done.

Find a creative office space in Surrey

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