Sustainable Offices in Woking

Complete with a green room and studio production facilities


Sustainable offices and studio complex in Surrey with strong green initiatives

Recognising a shift in content creators looking for fast paced, reactive content and an industry move away from traditional methods, we identified a gap in the market where environmentally conscious business owners are looking for creative office space with onsite production facilities to avoid travelling to London.

Businesses and consumers are aware of greenwashing, so a serious focus on sustainability with physical proof of impact was vital. We undertook a major retrofit project on a derelict factory, located 10 minutes from Woking and Guildford town centres and close to prominent transport links into central London.

The build, on an 8 acre brownfield site used a whole life cycle carbon procurement criteria in design from which utilised the existing building by reusing bricks and carbon-intensive concrete onsite. Carbon neutral sources including thousands of scaffold boards were used for internal cladding. Our site has a rich industrial heritage, dating back to its use as a Tannery in the 16th Century, and we will continue to innovate towards our target of becoming one of the lowest carbon emission office spaces in Surrey.

Tannery Filming Studios Video and Sound Studios Surrey

Our Sustainable Offices Near Woking Can Offer:

Bauhaus German Inspired Architecture.

Designed for Innovation and Collaboration.

A SMART Building built for Maximum Efficiency.

Full COVID-19 Compliance

Free Onsite Parking

A-rated Heating and Air Con

24-hour Access

Fibre Optic, Secure WiFi, approx. 300mb+ on wireless.

Private Meeting Rooms and Open, Communal Meeting Areas.

Quooker Taps on Every Floor.

Electric charge points and cycling facilities.

IoT connected fuse-boards will monitor all elecrticity use and allow the whole and individual company power usage to encourage lower usage.

About the Build

Flexible contracts with the latest facilities

Tannery Studios is a SMART building with all offices, green room and studios equipped with open-source IoT fuseboards to monitor power, lighting, and heating circuits. Occupants can monitor their individual usage on a web interface or via a communal dashboard which nudges down unnecessary energy usage.

The site has installed infrastructure for a rainwater recovery system including internal pipework to toilets, re-routing down pipes from 2,500 sq m of roof space and gravity feeding air conditioning condensate to flush all the toilets across the site for 3-400 people once the use intensity increases and installation of the 100,000 litre tank becomes economical.

Other initiatives include recently re-roofing a third of the sites with 120mm insulated panels and increasing the south-facing roof space for solar panel use, upgrading the entire site to a minimum of 110 lumen per watt LEDs run via IoT motion/photoreceptor, energy-efficient instant hot taps, upgrading glazing and thermal envelope insulation / glazing, installing plunge sensors in windows to cut out air conditioning, installing demountable and reusable timber partitioning to allow companies to flex/shrink their footprint, electric car charging points and applying in collaboration with Southbank University for UK innovation funding to put in a 1 Mega Watt district heat pump using the adjacent canals as a heat/cooling source.