Here at Tannery Studios, we’re excited to announce we’ve been shortlisted for an award at CREST Business Awards for Corporate Responsibility for the Environment and a Sustainable Tomorrow The event, presented by the Woking News & Mail in association with the University of Surrey’s Centre for Environment and Sustainability, is being delivered as a hybrid event from The Lightbox in Woking on Thursday 20 May, where they will announce the winners.

Serviced Office Space Woking Surrey

The category we’re shortlisted for is ‘Efficiency Champion’, and we’re so pleased that the work we put into ensuring that Tannery Studios maximises natural resources and minimises its impact on the surrounding area is being acknowledged.

Maximising use of natural resources


Our office spaces and studios for rent feature large, energy-efficient windows, giving loads of natural light in the daytime and negating the need for electric lighting a majority of the time. The roof and drainpipes have been rerouted to connect to a future 100,000 litre water storage tank with sufficient capacity to flush at least 50 toilets across the site. Rainwater harvesting pipework has been installed across the site, and the air conditioning condensate will, where possible, gravity drain or, if not possible, pump feed into the rainwater recovery system.

Minimising Energy Use

Tannery Studios attracts a range of creative businesses such as architects, marketing agencies and technology based companies, all of which rely strongly on technology.  In addition, the onsite video studios require energy usage for recording content. To minimise the effect this work has on the environment, energy efficient equipment is installed throughout for the operation of the business, so that our tenants can minimise their utility use.

Every room is equipped with an IP connected fuse board to monitor power, lighting, and heating circuits. Each tenant will be able to see their own usage, and building metrics will be visible at the entrance to use psychology to drive down unnecessary energy usage. By doing this we hope to encourage businesses to compete on energy efficiency and publicise the importance of reducing their carbon footprint.

The former fluorescent tubes have been replaced with latest generation LEDs with a watt to Lumen output of over 120.  All the office lights are IP connected and controlled via photosensors/PIR so that they dim on a sunny day and save 20-25% of expected use. We are pleased to be able to say that there is not a single conventional light switch onsite.  The control system allows lighting to be allocated to different zones avoiding wasteful rewiring, and the common areas are all PIR controlled so areas are only lit when populated.

Working in a sustainable workspace at Tannery Studios

If you’re looking for an energy efficient workspace to move to following a return to the office, take the virtual tour or get in touch with the team to find out more about our flexible contracts, onsite video and sound facilities, and creative community feel with no hidden costs.