Even before the pandemic, people were looking to embrace a more flexible approach to work.  A 2017 survey found that 47% of employees would consider leaving if their company didn’t provide remote work options, however since the pandemic there has been a surprising twist.  Whilst employees are still looking for some remote working functionality, over 65% of people are now looking forward to a return to the office, having missed the human interaction, facilities, and a proper office chair!

There seems to be a general consensus that being able to mix remote working and a return to the office would keep everyone happy.  Enter hybrid working, where employees head to the water cooler chat of the office for some days and avoid the commute on others.  It truly could be the best of both worlds, but why is shared office space such a big part of this?

Shared office space for hybrid working

Shared office space is a flexible way to reassess your office needs for hybrid working.  Instead of havingCreative Office Space Woking Surrey to commit to a new self-contained office space that will meet the needs of the number of people in the office, you can choose an office within a shared facility that – should you find the space you need is either bigger or smaller – you could add or remove space from.

In addition, with remote meetings on the rise, you are in a facility when you book a larger meeting room only when you need it, instead of having to hire space that includes a large meeting room that you may only use sporadically but that is still an essential functionality that you want to have available.  For smaller meetings with more people dotted around, using the communal spaces available might be sufficient at some times or a smaller side room within your flexible office space.

Lastly, serviced shared office spaces frequently mean that everything is included with no hidden costs such as unexpected utility bills, cleaners, maintenance, and having to pay extra if you want the best quality internet service.

Time to reassess your office needs

It could be time to reassess your office needs and look at how much of the space and facilities you really need in your current situation.  Whether it’s not needing the large meeting room that costs so much to heat and maintain, wanting a more modern and flexible layout with more space to socially distance, needing more casual communal areas, or wanting a contract with no hidden costs, shared office space is worth considering seriously.

For more information on shared office space in Surrey near Woking station, get in touch.  We have a range of sizes in flexible office spaces and studios, communal spaces built for collaboration, meeting rooms to book, outside meeting rooms, and a modern community feel with opportunities to meet complementary businesses as well as no hidden costs.

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