Following its successful pilot, the UK Global Screen Fund is set to continue. The independent film, TV, and video game industries will benefit from this multi-million funding boost designed to help develop new talent, create jobs in the industry, and target audiences around the world.

The UK’s screen industry is made up of a range of world-class talent, employing more than 200,000 people and entertaining millions of viewers around the world. The independent film and tv sector has launched the careers of major stars including James Bond star Daniel Craig, produced film hits such as Belfast and Saint Maud and successful video game examples include OlliOlli World and Lost Words: Beyond The Page.

The creative industries as a whole exported £41.4 billion in services in 2020 and in the last month the Government has confirmed its UK Global Screen Fund will be extended for three years with additional funding of £21 million.  This is set to support the industry; grow the economy and provide highly skilled jobs with good wages for people in the UK.

The funding will be used to increase exports of UK film, TV, and video games to new territories and will fund the marketing and distribution of content overseas as well as help production creators and companies promote their work at film festivals.

Edgar Wright – director and producer of independent films including Last Night in Soho, Shaun of the Dead, and Baby Driver – said:

“Independent film and television is essential to the vitality of our wonderful industry. It allows endless creativity, bold storytelling, and the chance to take risks in producing truly original content for which the UK is renowned. It is wonderful to see this further support for independent producers providing opportunities to help our films and TV shows achieve international success so that audiences around the world can enjoy the extraordinary talent and unique tales we have to share.”

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