The outbreak of COVID19 caused a huge temporary shift when social distancing and minimising contact were law. For a large portion of people, office working was canceled completely, and before the pandemic 70% of the relevant population had no experience at all of working from home. Only 1.7 million people in the UK worked from home before COVID19 but since then this number has increased to around 20 million people working from home for some portion of the time.

Now the offices are opening up again, and surprisingly there are a large number of reasons that many are welcoming the news. Here are 5 reasons that office working is better than working from home.

1. Office working increases mental wellbeing

When employees were working from home at all times, 41% of employees stated they felt more anxious and isolated due to lockdown, and 42% admitted they struggled more with their mental health than usual. An office space away from the home enables employees to have a dedicated space with a structured start and end time, plus a group of people outside their domestic situation to interact with, and often people with a shared interest or life experience.

2. Boosting collaboration and creativity

Tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are great and enable global collaboration, but perhaps don’t generate the same feeling of community. Being able to pass ideas around face to face and being able to walk over to someone’s desk for an unstructured chat instead of scheduling a set meeting can be faster and more fun.

3. Office technology

Not everyone can afford the fastest WiFi, multiple screens for the laptop, or even a whizzy scanner if it’s needed. The super fast office wi-fi speed available at most office spaces for rent enables employees to work at their best and increase productivity. Office working also means you can make sure that employees have everything they need onsite.

4. Creating a professional image

Most businesses have social media and a business or brand can communicate a lot about who they are through their office space and their team.  When a business has an office space, clients and those viewing a business’s online presence are able to physically experience the brand and team that makes up that brand. A physical presence conveys reliability and longevity and as such, it can even help to win business.

5. Building a company culture

When you’re looking to attract the best talent to your team, future employees will be looking to establish the kind of company you are and what it will be like to work for you. An office space enables them to meet a lot of the team at one time, and by renting an office space that shows you as a forward-thinking and creative business you’re more likely to get the team you want.

Office working in Surrey

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