At Tannery Studios we’re pleased to offer a wide range of professional spaces including serviced office spaces aimed at creative businesses, film studio leases, and now you’re able to rent a film studio with an infinity wall for photography and film projects that require one.

What is an infinity wall?

An infinity wall is essentially a curved surface – usually white – that blends the floor and wall together seamlessly. Any object or person you put in front of it will appear to float, providing a clutter-free, completely plain background for photography and filming. They are also sometimes called an infinity cove or infinity curve, but whatever term is used the essence is that it provides those in film, photography, or marketing a completely blank backdrop, and so the ability to use or rent a film studio with an infinity wall means much for flexibility for those involved and a shorter editing process.

Who uses an infinity wall?


Commercial and fashion photographers often want to shoot people and objects with a completely blank background, either to keep the focus on the subject or to make it easier to edit the background post-shoot. Items can be as small as jewelry or as big as cars because the completely blank background makes size somewhat irrelevant. Fashion photographers don’t need to worry about colour clashes.


Using an infinity wall can be a cost-effective way to create pre-production scenes for filmmakers looking to finish off a production without the need for multiple locations.  Instead, any actors needed can visit the infinity wall film studio and make everything in one place.

Even if there is no background needed, some filmmakers might want a completely clean background for filming. This might include abstract pieces, interviews, documentaries, etc, where all that is needed is a white background with no distractions.

Marketing and advertising companies

Whether is display advertising or video marketing, marketing and advertising companies would have plenty of use for a film studio with an infinity wall, in order to have complete flexibility on how images or video can be used in the future.

Product photos, in particular, can be expensive to shoot, but by using a film studio with an infinity wall means that the same photos can be used for multiple purposes all year round with the magic of photo editing, made easier with that magic, blank background.

How to rent a film studio with an infinity wall UK

Tannery Studios is in Surrey near Woking, with amazing transport links, great access, and free parking. Our film studio rental can include infinity walls, green screens, industrial warehouse backgrounds, and more. We have experts on site who can advise on the best facility for you, as well as access great deals for equipment rental.