A talking head video has become an increasingly popular format for a range of projects due to it’s easy-to-manage format and flexibility.  They centre around a single individual talking directly to the camera. It’s a simple and cost-effective format, and is good for teaching projects or tutorials, case studies, professional-style webinars, interviews, and testimonials.

Talking head videos enable businesses and organisations to put a face to a message, and that could be someone within the organisation, a client or partner, or an influencer or ambassador. But how do you go about making a talking head video?

The right studio space for a talking head video

Theoretically, you could make one anywhere, because the main subject is just the person. There are some people that make them in their front room,tiktok marketing Tannery studio their garden or their local park, however, you’re not going to get the professional finish you might want due to lighting, disruptions and equipment.

Ideally, hiring a studio space is the best possible solution, and the space that you hire will depend on the look that you want:

  • Green screen – this will enable you to choose the background of the video after the video is made and so perhaps offers the best level of flexibility. You’re able to shoot at ‘multiple locations’ from one room, and it also means that you can edit the video background again at a later date.
  • Scenic view – if it’s the message that’s important then a background with a nice view is perfectly acceptable. A view of a river or English countryside such as at Tannery Studios either inside or in front of a window is a fantastic idea.
  • Urban neutral background – if you’re looking for something quite plain but at the same time looking to make it look more interesting than a beige wall, exposed brick, wood or industrial beams are an excellent option.

Equipment hire

Unbelievably you can get a surprisingly decent finish with a high-end phone and mini tripod, but most people looking for a professional finish will want to use a proper camera, light, and steady tripod. Not all businesses have this equipment on hand and so hiring the right kit is a more economic way to work. Get in touch with your studio rental company as they will often be able to give you the best deal as well as organise the equipment to be on site when it’s needed.

Shooting a talking head video in Surrey

If you’re looking for a film studio and equipment hire for a talking head video in Surrey, get in touch with the team at River Wey Studios based at Tannery Studios for more information.