With the need for the world to hit Net-Zero by 2050 dominating headlines, sustainability action amongst business owners is set to increase in 2022.  At the end of 2021 only around a third of businesses in the UK have an environmental sustainability policy.  However, with more support from the government on the horizon, businesses of all sizes will need to demonstrate they have taken the first steps in creating a sustainable workplace if they are to be able to make the most of opportunities in the future and keep a competitive edge where consumers are increasingly looking for companies to make a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

Trends for a sustainable workplace in 2022

Renewable energy

It used to be the case that renewable energy was substantially more expensive than more traditional energy such as oil and gas, and therefore out of reach for anyone but the biggest companies. However, renewable energy is a lot more mainstream now with wind turbines gracing more of the horizons of the UK.  Businesses of all sizes can choose renewable suppliers, and many shared office spaces are doing likewise. They are even implementing their own energy generation methods such as solar panels and rooftop wind turbines.

Climate positivity

The focus doesn’t need to be on reducing your carbon footprint alone. Making positive steps to improve the environment with initiatives such as tree planting, preserving natural habitats, making use of outside space, and encouraging pollination by planting insect-friendly flowers or shrubs are all ways of removing additional CO2 out of the atmosphere, and creating a better world.

Using sustainable office supplies

Whether it’s recycled and recyclable postage packaging, phasing out plastic biros for sustainable writing implements made out of recycled paper, banning disposable plastic cups or using recycled paper notepads, there are plenty of ‘quick wins’ that won’t break the bank.

Shared office space in Surrey built with sustainability in mind

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