Recent research shows that overall display ad spend in the UK is expected to hit £17.86bn in 2022, which is a 9% increase from the estimated £16.35bn display ad spend last year. Cinema companies have claimed that most of the increase in advertising spend via media actually benefited from lockdowns, and with confidence potentially growing when the weather gets warmer, studio rental demand could be set to rise even further.

Video marketing is a huge area of growth in display marketing and media, with 92% of marketers putting video front and centre of their marketing strategy, which is an increase of 14% from 2015.

Finding studio rental in the UK

Finding production space doesn’t necessarily mean trying to stretch to a big London studio frequented by global corporations. A lot of UK based large businesses and SMEs still need affordable studio rental with enough space, natural light, good quality facilities, and access, and don’t necessarily want to have to pay a London or big name price tag – preferring to spend the money on equipment and editing.

Happily, film studio rental is now available throughout the UK, and using a location such as Surrey or Kent – close to London but not in London – means you get the best of both worlds and you don’t need to compromise by using a small and dingy studio.  In fact, you can often get more space for your money, light urban spaces adapted from industrial buildings, but with rural surroundings, no congestion charges, easier access, and lots and lots of lovely free parking!

Virtual tours of film studio spaces to rent

With restrictions still in place and concerns over the spread of COVID19, at Tannery Studios we can offer you a virtual tour of our film studio spaces available to rent, as well as the shared office spaces available to rent.

Take the virtual tour.