Whilst the end of 2021 has seen the temporary return of working from home, 2022 should bring back a return to the office, whether that’s full time or as part of the more flexible ‘new normal’ where employees and employers embrace a hybrid approach to working in the office as well as remotely. Recent research stated half of 530 senior leaders surveyed by YouGov for the BBC stated workers staying at home full time would negatively affect both creativity and collaboration, and over a third of the general public agreed.  In order to make a return to the office appealing, the use of shared office spaces is going to be essential.

Many serviced offices have shared office spaces for use by any of the businesses hiring office space in the building.  Not only are these areas good for collaborating with those within the company, but they can become creative hubs for interacting with other businesses and benefiting from their input and contacts.

Places to eat, places to meet, and spaces to create a creative hub mean that employees will enjoy an ‘office day’ as much as remote working.

Shared office spaces also come in the form of meeting rooms or even shared facilities.  Creative businesses often benefit from facilities like film studios or green screens on-site and the ability to hire equipment to use in these facilities is more than ideal for businesses that could use them such as marketing agencies, designers, architects, developers, VFX, and gaming companies.

Shared office spaces at Tannery Studios

Tannery Studios has a range of shared office spaces including kitchen facilities, as well as film studio spaces and green screens.  For more information on flexible office spaces and contracts, as well as the shared facilities on site, get in touch with the team or take the virtual tour.