It’s true that nobody can save the world in a day, and for small to medium-sized businesses it might seem like any small steps taken in the way of sustainability won’t make a big impact. However, SMEs make up for 60% of all employees in the UK, so if all smaller businesses make an effort in implementing quick green office ideas, then this could add up to make a big difference.

Make the most of natural light

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Choosing office space with plenty of natural light means that you will reduce your carbon footprint in the amount of artificial light you need. In addition to this, you will also find that natural light is better for your mental health.

Use energy-efficient light bulbs and switches

Who hasn’t accidentally left a light on? Energy-efficient lights work with motion sensors so that if there’s no one in the office, the lights go off after a time. This is great not only for lights being switched on but means that energy can be saved when people are out for lunch or for extended periods such as meetings. Switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs such as LEDs will also cut your carbon footprint over time. If you’re in a serviced office facility then look for a shared office space with these measures in place.

Eliminate paper use wherever possible

Unbelievably, the average office worker generates about 2 pounds of paper waste every day, which adds up to a lot of paper over time and over the workforce. Encouraging employees to print only when absolutely necessary, implementing digital forms, and using digital notepads are all great ways to reduce the number of paper needing to be produced and trees to be cut down.

Where you need paper, use recycled AND recyclable paper

Recycling your paper in the office is one of the more standardised green office ideas in use due to the way rubbish is managed, but making sure that you source paper that was itself recycled, can only help contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint.

Get rid of individual desk bins

This was one of the green office ideas first championed by Etsy, and whilst employees were initially irritated, it was soon clear of the advantages. Etsy’s waste dropped 18%, and at the same time its compost rate jumped 300% and its recycling rate went up 20%. Forcing people to go to the main bins gives them the opportunity to put anything recyclable in the right bin, instead of everything ending up in the same bin, including paper, drinks cans, and plastic bottles.

Check your coffee source

A lot of offices run on coffee, and the growing of coffee can lead to deforestation, water pollution, and waste. You can help by buying responsibly sourced coffee, and where possible shade-grown coffee – where coffee plants are interspersed beneath trees, mimicking how coffee grows naturally in these areas and reducing the need for deforestation.

Turn off monitors at night

Such a small green office idea can save energy use around the office over time.

Finding sustainable office space in Surrey

If you’re interested in running a green office and looking for office space to rent in Surrey, get in touch with Tannery Studios for more information about their sustainability measures currently in place and being rolled out in the future.