Before deciding on a film studio rental, it’s important to go on a good reccee – a thorough look around – to check that the film studio space and location has everything you will need.  The producer and/or the crew involved can use this opportunity to check what the options are with regards to lighting, access, power, and staging as well as other practicalities such as logistics, parking, any hospitality or catering, and travel arrangements. It’s also a good time to discuss the available space options, dates, the level of flexibility, and of course, the cost of the film studio rental.

It’s a lot to think about in a short space of time so it’s good to have a set idea of what you want to look at and ask before you go.

Before your film studio rental reccee

Most film studios have websites where they’ll showcase the studio spaces available if there are multiple options, so take a good look and see which of the options available might suit you. Some even have a virtual tour so you can take a look around before you get there from the comfort of your home. This is an especially good option throughout potential COVID restrictions and if you are coming from a distance away.

First impressions

If it’s just you and the crew then the exterior and entrance might not seem important, but if there are multiple parties involved then it’s good to pick a studio space that is set to impress on arrival. You’ll also be able to get an idea of the parking available, how easy it is to find and access, what loading and unloading might be like, and what security measures are in place.

Shared spaces and facilities

You won’t all want to be in the filming area all the time, so making sure that there are comfortable break-out areas for use as well as at least the basic facilities such as toilets and hot drinks is important.  This should go beyond just being there, and ideally being a pleasant space to be in.

Technical information

The basics such as power and lighting are obvious, but also finding out what equipment is already in place is important so you know what you still need to bring.  A lot of studio spaces have partnerships with equipment hire companies so you can get anything you need delivered to the film studio before you get there.  It’s also work asking about the WiFi speed reliability, and to try it out for yourself.


Most businesses are interested in reducing their carbon footprint these days, and so asking about the energy efficiency and sustainability of a film studio is a socially responsible step.

Film studio space in Surrey

For more information about film studio rental in Surrey, in a convenient location with the latest facilities and a focus on sustainability, get in touch with Tannery Studios, or take the virtual tour.