Surrey is home to some bustling towns including Woking, Guildford, Ewell and Camberley, and is within a realistic train journey of London.  All of these are excellent centres of business, so why are rural offices in Surrey proving so popular?

More space

Urban offices have everything you need, but space is often at a premium both in literal terms and in terms of pricing.  Rural offices in Surrey are frequently more able to spread out – offices can be more spacious at a lower price.

You also get more space in terms of outside.  In a rural environment, there is more green and more room for gardens and outside meeting spaces.

Modern architecture

Guildford – Surrey’s largest town – dates back to the Bronze age and is acknowledged as a historic town with cobbled streets, it’s own castle, and architecture ranging from the 15oos, through the industrial revolution, and then the rebuilding following the war. All of this makes Guildford a great day out but makes for some historic architecture.  Woking’s first appearance was in the Doomsday book, but ‘Modern Woking’ was built around the 1800s.

If you’re looking for clean, modern architecture with loads of light and wide open space, you might be better looking at a rural office space in Surrey.


It’s good to think practically, and with many people choosing the convenience of driving, parking can be an issue in a town centre.

Rural offices in Surrey such as The Tannery usually have much more parking and more importantly, free parking!

Workplace mental health

Mental health charities such as MIND are agreed that spending time in green space and around nature is good for improving mood, reducing stress, increased physical well-being and encourages people to be more active.

Countryside views, space to sit outside, greenery and even the ability to have meetings outside will make for a happier and healthier workforce all year round.

Rural Offices in Surrey

If you’re looking for office space in Surrey with a rural feel, get in touch.  We have offices with modern architecture, great transport links and free parking at a waterside location on the Wey Navigation Canal, surrounded by the greenery of the Surrey countryside.