It’s no big secret that the use of video by businesses of all sizes is on the grow. Business owners who keep up to date know that 66% of clients prefer watching a video to reading about a product.  There is a lot of potential for marketing agencies to cater to this growing market for quality video content, which is why marketing agencies should consider looking to rent a studio or office space with an onsite green room.  This will enable them to provide great video content for their clients, without leaving their shared office space.

Rent a studio or office with a green room – for media companies and marketing agencies

Video marketing agencies might well provide animations, but there is also a market for product videos or explainer videos.  If they have clients looking to get involved, nothing will impress like turning up to an office with an onsite green room.

This enables you to not only get the video footage you need, but also spend some time with them in a meeting room or the office, to keep them engaged and interested in working with you.

Why other businesses might need a green room

Businesses that provide online services such as remote training might want to have a more professional background.  In addition to using meeting rooms, having the capability to use an onsite green room means that you have more flexibility in editing.

A shared office space built with collaboration in mind

Even if you can’t see a situation where you might need a green room, the advantages of working in a shared office space with facilities like this ensures that you’re around businesses with a similar mindset.

Creative businesses in one business hub gives the opportunity to share ideas, network and mix with one another.  If you’d like more information on renting a studio or office space with an onsite green room, built with collaboration in mind, get in touch, or why not take the virtual tour?